Natural Selection

Pedal Board

The Natural Selection:Pedal Board is a comprehensive semi-modular multi-effect stomp box.

Boasting 6 slots, with 8 FX types each, the NSPB comes packed with tone sculpting tools.


Featuring a modular signal path, the NSPB comes equipped with drag-and-drop signal flow.

Clicking and dragging the module on the far right display will instantly rearrange the module signal path.


From compression to distortion, the NSPB has every tool you need to evolve your sound.

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Lotus Compressor

The Lotus Compressor is a multi-stage dynamic processor with adjustable response time.
Built with tweak-ability in mind, The Lotus Compressor is a new take on an classic effect.

    With a variable Time Scale parameter, The Lotus Compressor gives complete control over the envelope characteristics of the compression.
This ensures The Lotus Compressor can always fit into your tracks, regardless of source material.

From vocals to smashed drums, you'll be hard pressed to find a more versatile compressor.

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    Together with six Chorus Algorithms and a Tri-Phase LFO, the SA16 provides a vast range of tones.

Use it to widen Synths, Acoustic Guitars or Vocals.
The SA16 can even be used as a guitar pedal to give depth and presence to your leads.

    With such versatility,The SA16 will find a way into your rack on nearly every project.

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